Monday, November 2, 2015

Get to Know Harlequin

Libraries are pretty hostile territories for Harlequin books. Librarians were discussing how either libraries don't actually purchase them or bother to catalogue them which makes them hard to access for romance lovers.  At my library, we - literally - put these books in the back corner.  These books are seen as just ephemeral and that readers who like one would like any other one.

Libraries and library staff are not doing their readers any service if they are not familiar with Harlequin and the various series that are offered.

Check out the Harlequin site:

There is further information about the books which are published by Harlequin and there is a lot of series information available on the site.  Harlequin has done a lot of work already for readers' advisors to direct readers to their perfect Harlequin.  In addition to series information, they have sub-divided their publications into fiction categories.

There are a few library resources but they aren't as helpful as the information included on the main site.

Everyone has a Harlequin memory and do not discount how well loved these books are by readers.

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