Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Toronto Romance Writers

As previously posted, membership with the Romance Writers of America will also provide you some membership privileges at local chapters.

If you are based in the GTA, you need to check out the Toronto Romance Writers.  They represent most of the local romance writers and they are a great resource for author visits.  You can register for their newsletter.  This is completely free and will give you information about local events and local writers.  You can also get access to resources on their Facebook page.

Maureen McGowan and Molly O'Keefe were present at the event and featured some content from an upcoming documentary: Love Between the Covers.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Membership - Romance Writers of America

As a librarian, you can register as a member with the Romance Writers of American for $10 USD which will get you access to a number of tools which will aid you with readers' advisory.  I am signing up tomorrow.  This will also provide you access to local events which are organized with a registered RWA chapter.

Red Hot RA Redux

Another successful "RA in the Day" is now over.  Despite the gamble on the "romance" genre, we ended up filling the room and preliminary comments suggest that it was one of the best.  Personally, I learn so much from the event that I never knew before about romance and romance writers.  You can find the program information here.  I am going to include a number of expanded blog posts to cover the material which was shared at the event.

I bought a copy of this book by Maya Rodale and, after some investigation, I am very happy I did because it is not widely available.  I think it is based on her graduate work and some of her essays.  The book is a key resource for readers' advisors who need to serve romance readers or advocate for the importance of romance to senior management.

I admit to having prejudices against romance, thinking that they were anti-feminist.  There are many sub-genres of romance and some put women in a more subservient position but many do not and the beauty of the romance genre is that there is something for everyone.  

I also stay away from romance because it might be a little too "salt in the wound" as I am still single but that isn't a valid reason to never have a fantasy.  I like my romances with a "damaged but redeemable hero" who sees beyond a woman's plain exterior into her full and loving heart.  Luckily, that is a very common theme so I'll have books for years.  As a realist, I thought this kind of escape was silly and immature.  Paraphrasing Rodale, "What's wrong with wanting a romantic partner who treats you with respect, is tender and who loves you for who you really are?"  Preach.

Rodale's book focuses on the reasons why we discount the value of romance and relegate it to back corners and dismiss the readers who love to read book after book.  Rodale, herself, is a romance writer and has done a significant amount of research in the genre.  Check out her infographics.