Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Canadian Reading Habits

This study has been circulating for the past few days and it is an interesting consideration of American and Canadian readers.  Booknet Canada had a look at the Pew Research Centre's study which suggests that Americans are reading less than they were in the past.  There are some additional statistics that can lead you to develop a profile of those who are reading the most and who are reading the least.  Generally, white women with higher education and higher salaries are the best readers.

Booknet Canada was intrigued by the American numbers and conducted their own survey.  The results of that survey is displayed to the left.  This information is particularly helpful for readers' advisors as it identifies who might be your most avid readers and new markets that might be important to target.

Booknet Canada also cites a NOP World Culture Score Index study that identifies who reads the most in the world.  Not sure why they profile only Russia for genre interests, but the whole map is interesting.

Readers' advisors can learn a lot about their business from these and other studies that look directly at reading habits.  There have been studies in the past which ask readers where they find out about books and libraries barely rank.  Readers are finding out about books from friends and booksellers.  The readers are using libraries but they are not engaging with library staff to find out about books. 

That is something we have to work to change.

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