Monday, March 7, 2016

So long, Shelfari!

Amazon, which owns both Shelfari and GoodReads, decided to pull the plug on the former in favour of the latter.  Shelfari was first introduced in 2006 and it offered readers the opportunity to build a virtual bookself.  It was quite different from other similar apps as it was graphical and actually allowed people to fill their "shelves."  

I have a dormant Shelfari account that I won't migrate.  I am not dedicated to the cause of maintaining records of my reading.  I tend to graze the reading landscape rather than create lists of expectations.  I read what I like in the moment and never like to be held to account when I change my mind.  

GoodReads will allow you to migrate your Shelfari account.  The instructions seem overly simplified for something that I expect will take more steps.  You can search the Internet for other instructions.  I would take some of them with a grin of salt.  If you are panicking, do some research before you press any buttons.

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  1. Lucky me, I started off with Goodreads (before Amazon bought it). I used to copy from my blog and post my reviews there, but now I just put a link to the review on my blog.