Monday, July 27, 2015

Displaying Other Formats

While focussed on serving readers through print materials, it is also worth considering displays which focus on other formats. Customers may not be as familiar with items in other formats and your display will provide an opportunity for discovery.  Often, these displays can help to turn over inventory which may be overflowing and it is important to think about what your motivation may be.

Summer is a great time to promote DVDs, especially genres such as horror or action.  Everyone identifies with the "summer blockbuster" - there is a lot of these films released in the summer.  Your users will be primed to expect these and may be more likely to pick one up on a display.  Currently, we are featuring "Summer Scares" which features horror films.  We had to refill it about once per hour - you may run out of films before you run out of interest.

Audiobooks are popular with cottage-goers and promoting them in the summer is also a great option.  Feature them near the shelves which contain them and make sure that staff keep them filled.

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