Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Events for Readers in Toronto Area

The fiction collection in my library is doing the slow summer dwindle as people (especially teens) make a beeline for their summer reading piles.  Summer is a great time to get your reading done as reading outdoors can double for "exercise."  Our current display of "Summer Reads" is doing well as are our "Raves and Faves."  Customers enjoy quick and easy displays that feature sure-fire reads which can be enjoyed on a beautiful sunny day!

As much as we love attacking our reading pile in the summer, we are hot to grow it again in the fall.  Publishers focus a lot of their energy in the fall publishing season, releasing those "soon to be" Christmas presents for avid readers. Authors like fall launches as everyone is "back to the books" and there are a lot of events to promote their work.  In order to get your calendar ready, the following are upcoming fall events that are worth checking out.

Ben McNally - Ben returns to his regular slate of brunches and dinners and these are great events for advisors who want to learn more about books without having to read them all.


Word on the Street - THE street festival for readers.  There are several locations so you can find the one which is most convenient for you.  This is a rain or shine festival, so pack your rain boots and umbrella.


Eden Mills Writer's Festival - Another outdoor festival that gives readers great access to writers.  It is a little further away from Toronto but worth a drive.


Harbourfront's International Festival of Authors - For the connoisseur of fine writers' events, this is an indoor event that features the best of international talent.  The events can be experienced individually or as part of a festival experience


Pencil these into your calendars!

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