Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Shelf Inserts

 These shelf inserts are available from Carr McLean.  They fit most standard shelving that is 34 3/4 inches long and offer a 7 3/4 and 9 1/2 inch depth.  Clear acrylic, the inserts are compatible with any coloured shelf and instantly offers a clean and accessible display option.  At $62 CDN for the narrower depth and $74 for the wider, these are affordable in smaller quantities for most libraries.  The inserts are also available in double-sided versions for table tops.

At my library, 40 inserts were purchased to provide the entire youth section with more accessible display shelving.  As pictured, books were moved  to insert the display stand in the middle of the bay, at "grab it" height.  Previously, wire book stands were used to display items at the top of the bay and that was not as effective as youth rarely removed the books from that area.

These inserts assist with passive readers advisory and promotion of books to the youth audience.  These inserts will be tested in this area for implementation in other areas of the collection.

If purchasing these items are not possible, items can be displayed at a more accessible level for customers to reach using other less- expensive methods.


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