Tuesday, May 13, 2014

First Things

Good readers' advisors need always to be respectful of their readers.  

S. R. Ranganathan's 5 laws of library science are equally important for serving readers.

1. Books are for use.

Books are not decorations.  They need to be read and they need to be used. If books are not, they need to be weeded to make space for those that are.

2. Every reader his or her book.

Respect the reader in his or her choices to read or not read books in your collection.  They know best what they enjoy and are interested in so listen to them.

3. Every book its reader.

Library staff need to provide access to a variety of library materials for all readers as every book will engage some reader.

4. Save the time of the reader.

Be knowledgeable and efficient when helping readers.  Be genuine in your service and share what you know.

5. The library is a growing organism.

The reading experience is ever-evolving and library staff need to be flexible and offer service to all readers in any format.  

This blog will build on these 5 laws and focus on adult readers' advisory skills in public libraries.  Reading is advised for all public library staff who serve readers to find their next great read.

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